Strategic planning

We help you generate the best value for each dollar invested in your infrastructure project.


Vast experience

Governance and project management

We help you plan, organize, manage and improve your project to deliver and even exceed the expected results, in compliance with your budget and your deadlines.


Compliance with budgets


Compliance with deadlines


Vast experience

Planning, estimating and cost control

We help the clients plan, estimate and control the costs of their project through a reliable method, so they can make decisions quickly and in full confidence.


A proven methodology

Expertise on claims

We help our clients evaluate precisely the damages suffered in the context of a dispute related to a construction project.


An independent expert opinion

Strategic planning

Our expert advisors in strategic planning offer you:

  • A process for defining your needs precisely and establishing an action plan;
  • Identification, analysis and optimization of the risk transfer;
  • Analysis of the various possible performance modes for your project;
  • Strategies for generating the best value for money;
  • A process to evaluate the payment mechanisms and transaction processes and help you make the right choices;
  • Taking your infrastructure project’s entire life cycle into account to add value to your investment in the future.

Our expert advisors have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the factors than contribute to the success of major public infrastructure projects.

This experience and our quality-based approach ensure you will generate the best value for money over the infrastructure’s life cycle.

Contactez notre conseiller-expert, pour vous aider à planifier et à réaliser votre projet d’infrastructures.

Sylvain Rouillard

Sylvain Rouillard

ing., MBA

Conseiller principal et associé

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Governance and project management

Nous conseillers-experts en gouvernance et en gestion de projet vous offrent:

  • A team that quickly grasps your issues and understands the risk factors in which projects evolve;
  • Governance and communication strategies for your team and the many stakeholders, implemented from the start of the project to facilitate collaboration and problem solving;
  • A mindset focused on optimizing your project to meet client needs at the best cost;
  • Post-project review to identify the strengths and weaknesses for continuous improvement;
  • Training that covers various aspects of planning and performance of infrastructure and capital expenditure projects.

Our expert advisors support you in the deployment of strategies that ensure the right actions are taken by the right people, at the right time.

With our collaboration, your project will be well planned and controlled from beginning to end.

Our work method in governance and project management

1- Act on the root of the problems

From its initiation, a project’s organization is crucial to ensure success. However, it takes real skill and experience to put a finger on the real underlying the problems that jeopardize projects and then act quickly to identify and implement effective mitigating measures.

2- Detect and correct

One of the keys to effective management is to control quality. It is essential to use key performance indicators (KPI’s) to detect emerging trends and act quickly to correct the situation. Using appropriate indicators makes it possible to quickly identify mitigative measures, take corrective action and ensure their effectiveness.

Managing a project inefficiently affects team morale, undermines upper management’s confidence that the project will deliver actuel results, extends project schedule and becomes an overall major risk factor.

3- Maximize efficiency

Strategia Conseil’s unique approach in project planning and implementation consists of deploying the right resources at the right time in the right place and taking the right actions at the right time. This ensures that the projects are delivered on time, despite unexpected situations that arise, while limiting the impacts on your day-to-day operations.

4- Prioritize communication

We put communication at the heart of management. Our experts are inspired by best practices in management to develop and deploy communication mecanisms adapted to the project and to your organizational structure et culture.

Contactez notre conseiller-expert en gouvernance et en gestion de projet:
• si vous manquez des ressources pour un projet majeur;
• si vous avez besoin d’une intervention rapide;
• si vous devez réaliser un projet complexe.

Patrick Vallerand

Patrick Vallerand



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Our projects

Planning, estimating and cost control

Our expert advisors in planning, estimating and cost control help you to:

  • Obtain at alltimes during your project’s life cycle an accurate prediction of costs and deadlines;
  • Have access to the industry’s most reliable method to avoid budgeting errors and ensure an effective decision-making process for your investment portefolio;
  • Knowledge of relevant information, complementary to a database, to facilitate decision-making and evaluate multiple options;
  • Validate the estimates provided by other organizations or partners and assess them accurately.

Contactez notre conseiller-expert en planification, estimation et contrôle de coûts pour obtenir un avis indépendant qui s’appuie sur une longue expérience en gestion de projet.

Jacques Denault

Jacques Denault


Directeur de la planification, estimation et contrôle de coûts

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de planification, estimation et contrôle de coûts

Our projects

Expertise sur réclamation

We help our clients evaluate precisely the damages suffered in the context of a dispute related to a construction project.

An independent expert opinion

Our transparency and independence guarantee that our clients obtain a fair judgment.

The construction industry involves risks. When the project does not go as anticipated, your organization may suffer damages or losses.

Our expert advisors are at your side to argue your position during dispute resolution.

Our claims experts assist you in:

  • Preparation of expert opinion files and second opinions on claims;
  • Production of a common expert opinion for the parties;
  • Evaluation of validity;
  • Quantification of damages (quantum);
  • Testimony before the courts;
  • Assistance to counsel in development of the strategy;
  • Dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration.

How is our approach different?

We use the most suitable strategy and methodology to support your case.


Our team offers you:

  • Extensive knowledge of infrastructure and capital project management, constructability, and cost planning and control;
  • An approach that quickly distills useful information and accurately reconstructs the ‘’puzzle pieces’’;
  • Experts able to bring facts to light in a logical, consistent and clear manner.

Our clients are supported in their legal approach throughout the process.

Dès qu’un différend survient, ou que les enjeux financiers sont importants, contactez notre conseiller-expert indépendant en expertise sur réclamation.

Pierre Rochon

Pierre Rochon

ing., DA, MBA, PMP

Conseiller principal

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